Our Coffee Morning

Through our monthly chats on our online coffee morning, we are often inspired by the topics that come up.

These topics can range from the joys of being a pet owner, the pros and cons of parachute jumping, and some personal stories that are shared with messages that have helped us all.

In our blog, we share those pieces that made us smile or think for a while.

We hope they might inspire conversations of your own…

Proceeds from ‘The Book’

All proceeds from the sale of 'The Book' will go directly towards building our new online voucher buddy platform.
Spirit of Life

‘The Book’ Spirit of Life Sections

In the Spirit of Life sections of the book, you can enjoy a variety of beautiful photographs, illustrations, stories, and poems.
You Gotta Laugh

‘The Book’ You Gotta Laugh Sections

In the You Gotta Laugh sections of 'The Book', have a good ole chuckle at some of the funny photographs, illustrations, stories, and poems.

‘The Book’ Turning Point Section

In the Turning Point section of ‘The Book’, you can view our contributor’s thoughtful and inspiring stories, poems, illustrations, and photos.

‘The Book’ Kids Section

In the Kids section of 'The Book', our talented younger contributors have shared a selection of stories, jokes and poems that will make you smile.

‘The Book’ Contributors & Volunteers

At Havin’ A Laugh we have been blown away by the quality of submissions for the book. People were so generous in sharing their words and art with us.

Coffee Morning 4th October 2021

The October Coffee Morning was a joy as always, with two clear areas of chat on this occasion – the first being achievements and the second regarding easing of Coronavirus restrictions.

Family BBQ & Outdoor Cinema Evening

Join us on Saturday 9th of October for a family fun evening at our event site on Annaghmore estate.

Coffee Morning 6th September 2021

As usual, the conversation at the Havin’ a Laugh Coffee Morning was full of variety. Most of the conversation centered on things we do in our spare time, from kayaking, to painting, to travelling and, of course, seeing as it was a morning with only women, online shopping.


The Book is a collection of great stories, jokes, poems, art, and imagery that will inspire and delight. It’s a wonderful book that you can easily dip in and out of and it would also make a wonderful gift.

All of the amazing content in The Book was submitted by people from Sligo, Leitrim and beyond between the ages of 6 and 94, and proceeds from sales will go directly towards building our new online voucher buddy platform.

The Book 2020 ~ Open Call

Havin' a Laugh charity is bringing out a book and we’d love for you to be involved. We are looking for your funny, uplifting and turning point stories, poems jokes, illustrations & photos. All Welcome!


Our mission is to assist with the promotion of positive mental health through life-enhancing activities, connecting people and Havin’ a Laugh. We create events for everyone that showcase the excellent life-enhancing activities available to us in the Northwest of Ireland.

We believe that those of us who are ‘up for it and at it’ can inspire those who may not yet have that drive, and by taking part in one of our awareness events, you will get the added benefits of becoming more energised, clear-headed and relaxed.