Proceeds from ‘The Book ’

A huge thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of ‘The Book’ so far. We are a volunteer-run charity, with 100% of public donations going towards purchasing activity vouchers for people who are in therapy for mental health reasons.

All proceeds from the sale of ‘The Book’ will now go towards building our new online voucher buddy platform.

Voucher Buddy Platform

With the support of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, we are developing a new Voucher platform making it possible for people in mental health recovery to request vouchers for life-enhancing activities that will support their journey.

We have been running this service off-line for over 6 years. The new online platform will allow us to reach more people in our community and make it easier for people to choose and request vouchers.

This system will be available to people who are in counselling or therapy for mental health-related reasons.

Voucher Buddy Platform Functions & Benefits

Counsellor or therapist will register clients for use of the platform then the individual can:

– Log in with their personal log-in details.

– Access anytime and see what credit they have available.

– Browse available activity vouchers and request the ones they want.

– Each individual starts with €175 worth of credit, which they can request a different activity each time.

– Individuals can use credit for their own voucher and choose to purchase a 2nd voucher if they have a buddy they’d like to invite to join in the chosen activity.  (In effect getting 2 for 1)

– Activities can include, surfing, hiking, swimming, art, massage, music lessons, etc.

– Members of the platform will have complimentary access to all events run by the Havin’ a Laugh Charity.

– Events include Outdoor Cinema’s, Soap Box Derby, Skateathons, Daytime Live Music Family Events, etc.