Havin’ a Laugh charity was established by Rennafix Group to promote positive mental health through life-enhancing activities. Havin’ a Laugh gives life-enhancing activity vouchers to people in mental health recovery, providing people with the opportunity to re-engage with activities they love, and through these social connections maybe start their own healing conversations. We also create awareness events for the general public that showcase the life-enhancing activities available in our locality.


Our mission is to assist with the promotion of positive mental health through life-enhancing activities, connecting to people and Havin’ a Laugh. We believe that life-enhancing activities will be acknowledged as a legitimate and essential part of mental health recovery in the near future and that those who are ‘up for it and at it’ have a platform from which they can support those who do not yet have that drive. Our values include teamwork, respect, fun, creativity, pro-activity and being an inspiration to others.


• Supported approximately 400 people in therapy by providing them with life-enhancing activity vouchers.
• Developed and continue to portray an image of positivity and fun while standing for mental health recovery.
• Connected with over 40 different mental health support service providers in the northwest of Ireland.
• Introduced life-enhancing activity providers to local champions who promote the value of life-enhancing activities in the northwest area to others.
• Helped activity providers to better understand the importance and benefits of life-enhancing activities in the mental health recovery process.


The Havin’ a Laugh initiative was established by Rennafix Group in 2013. Following the loss of a number of loved ones to mental illness we gathered as friends to support each other, get outdoors, get active and most importantly, talk openly about our own mental health. Through this warmth, support and lightheartedness Havin’ a Laugh was born.


In 2013, Blaithin started the non-profit Rennafix group that eventually grew into the Havin’ a Laugh charity. Blaithin is a highly qualified and experienced yoga teacher who has a passion for life-enhancing activities that bring you joy in a sustainable and healthy manner. She endeavours through her work ethos and charitable initiatives to help make the benefits of these activities better understood and more accessible to all. You can find out more on her website.