Coffee Morning and Monster Raffle

Join us on May 3rd for Coffee morning and Monster Raffle in Sligo town. Raffle tickets available online unil May 2nd or in person on May 3rd.

February Coffee Morning by Jessica Brady

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This month’s Coffee Morning was lovely as always. Those of us who were online spent a good while talking to the group in the Blind Tiger. It was nice to feel part of the in-person meeting, as well as having a chance to chat with the online members.

December Coffee Morning by Eamon Ò Clèirigh

Eamon Ò Clèirigh's December Coffee Morning blog post...

December Coffee Morning by Jessica Brady

December Coffee Morning by Jessica Brady...

Hybrid Coffee Morning by Jessica Brady

On Monday morning we entered into a new setup for the Havin’ a Laugh Coffee Morning.

Hybrid Coffee Morning by Eamon Ò Clèirigh

We had a good turnout for our first Having a Laugh face-to-face coffee morning since the beginning of the lockdown.
hybrid coffee morning

Hybrid Coffee Mornings

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Our Havin’ a Laugh Coffee mornings are going hybrid! We are delighted to be able to meet in person again for our monthly coffee mornings in The Blind Tiger as well as online.

Coffee Morning 4th October 2021

The October Coffee Morning was a joy as always, with two clear areas of chat on this occasion – the first being achievements and the second regarding easing of Coronavirus restrictions.

Coffee Morning 6th September 2021

As usual, the conversation at the Havin’ a Laugh Coffee Morning was full of variety. Most of the conversation centered on things we do in our spare time, from kayaking, to painting, to travelling and, of course, seeing as it was a morning with only women, online shopping.

Coffee Morning 9th August 2021

A wide variety of topics were discussed at this month’s Coffee Morning, with the majority of the conversation about available Mental Health services. We also had a visit from Riona Rochford from the Volunteer Centre in Sligo, who had lots of great information on Volunteering. Inevitably, given the fact that we are Irish, the coffee morning started with a chat about the weather.