• Intro to Chanting

    3rd June, 2020

  • Positive Psychology

    27th May, 2020

  • Low Impact Aerobics

    20th May, 2020

  • Restorative Yoga & Drumming Rythms

    13th May. 2020

  • Meditation

    6th May, 2020

Why Not – Wednesdays

Why Not Wednesdays have been great fun and we have loved sharing and hearing all the different ways people support their own wellbeing.

Through the past few weeks we have enjoyed Meditation with John G Coaching, Restorative Yoga with Louise Waters, Drumming Rhythms with Peter Crann, Low Impact Aerobics with Fitness 4 All, Positive Psychology with Feargus Callagy and Chanting with Cathy Murphy.

In our most recent session on the 3rd of June, we finished an Intro to Chanting with Cathy Murphy and have taken a very short snippet of the opening of that session to share with you here.

Cathy describes and guides us through Bhramari Breathing. A very soothing technique but also very useful for cutting through cycling anxious thoughts. Let Cathy guide you here, then take this simple technique into your everyday life.

Previous Sessions

Wednesday 3rd June @ 4pm

Introduction to Chanting

Why not find out what Chanting is all about…

The lovely Cathy Murphy, owner of Yoga Home Sligo, will have a chat and a chant with us on Wed June 3rd. She will share with us an insight into what chanting is and how it benefits and soothes.  She will then guide us through a few simple and well-known chants to help make this practice a little more familiar.

As you might know, Cathy’s studio is closed during these times so this is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with this lady who’s heart led her to bring Yoga Home to us here in Sligo;-)

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Wednesday 27th May @ 4pm

Positive Psychology with Feargus Callagy

Feargus will share insights into what exactly positive psychology is and we’ll explore the ideas around authentic happiness.  What does it mean to be happy? Or is that a reality in a sometimes unhappy world?

We always love a good chat with Feargus and are sure you’ll enjoy this one too. A Master Freediver amongst many other strings to his bow ?, this is a man who knows all about keeping calm under pressure.

All you need is a pen and paper if you want to take notes;-)

Once registered you will receive an email with a live link just before your session.

If at any stage you wish to stop receiving the live links simply reply to the email with ‘Unsubscribe me please’

Wednesday 20th May @ 4pm

Low Impact Aerobics with Fitness for All ‘Let off Steam’

Why not start thinking about raising the energy a bit next week. We will be trying Low Impact Aerobics with Miriam from Fitness4all on Wednesday 20th May 4 pm.

This Low impact class will consist of 10 min warm-up and mobility followed by 15min low impact using weights, finishing with 5 minutes stretch.
Equipment that’s needed is weights and a mat. If you don’t have weights you can use cans of food or water bottles.  Wear comfortable jogging type clothing and running shoes.

You’ll get the email to join before 4 pm next Wednesday 😉

Wednesday 13th May @ 4pm

Restorative Yoga with Louise Waters ‘Let it All Go’

Restorative Yoga is a deeply nourishing and healing and recuperative practice for the mind and body. For this session with Louise Waters, we will use blankets and pillows to support the body with three simple yoga poses which trigger the parasympathetic nervous system to achieve a deep level of relaxation. These calming practices release tense muscles, relieve joint aches, and transition the mind and body giving one a sense of peace and calm. Suitable for all levels, from complete beginner to advanced practitioner.

Wednesday 13th May @ 7.30pm

Picking Up the Beat with Peter Crann ‘Let off Steam’

A fun interactive session where we will learn basic drumming rhythms that will have you sounding like a professional as you drum along to your favourite tunes. No experience required, no equipment required (but if you have a drum you can use it of course) suitable for all ages and abilities. Intrigued?? So are we, join us on Wednesday!

Wednesday 6th May @ 4pm

Meditation with John G Coaching

We’re looking forward to getting these sessions kicked off this week.

Join us Wednesday, May 6th at 4 pm with John Graham of John G Coaching.

‘Why Not Try This – Let’s use meditation to explore the senses and notice how we create our experience of the world. A chance to understand why this simple practice can have not only a positive effect on how you feel but also your general health.

No previous experience required as all meditations will be guided & John promises there is no getting them wrong. A fun practical inciteful session for everyone & anyone.