With Blaithin, Your Wellbeing Warrior

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Live chair Yoga

Friday 27th March 11:30am – 12.30pm

Chair Yoga is a wonderful risk-free mindful movement practice that helps to relieve stress and calm the mind.

Blaithin, Your Wellbeing Warrior and Charity founder, is hosting this free Chair yoga session each Friday at 11.30 am. This practice is suitable for all ages and abilities, whether stuck at home or in need of a mindful break at work. All you need is a chair (preferably no side arms) and space, arm length, either side of you.

When we bring our bodies into a state of calm it acts as a tonic for our immune system. Yoga and mindful practices have long been known to help build physical and emotional resilience, we encourage you to take as many opportunities as you can to soothe the body and mind and in this way boost your immunity.

Each week we’ll meet on-line and take 50mins to connect to our bodies and breath calm into the spaces of hidden tension. You will finish feeling relaxed yet energised as these practices serve to refuel you. You will also have new tools for releasing stress that you can practice in your own time.

There is no charge for this session but if you feel inclined you can make a donation directly to Havin’ a Laugh here or during registration. Any Funds raised will go towards facilitating more online sessions with other wellness providers.

How to Link in

If you are linking in from iPhone, iPad or Android you will need to get the Zoom App onto your device. You may also need a set of headphones so best to have a set handy.

If you are linking in from your Laptop you won’t need to download the app and you won’t need headphones.

In Preparation

  • Have your device charged or plugged in.
  • Get yourself a solid chair, preferably one that has no sidearms on it. And make sure you have space arm’s length either side of you.
  • If you have registered you will receive an email 10 mins in advance, at 11.20 am on Friday, with a link to the Call.
  • Click on the link and a video screen will pop up.
  • You may be asked to ‘Join with Device Audio’ Click this. If you don’t see that on the bottom left of your screen you should see two little icons, One to Join Audio, the other to Join Video. Click both icons so red line disappears.
  • If you have a camera on your laptop I will see you, if not don’t worry as long as you can see and hear me.
  • Before we start, I will ask everyone to mute their audio. (Red line appears through audio symbol again) You can then enjoy your Chair Yoga session without interruptions.