Havin' a Laugh

Background - Why we do it!

Rennafix Group is an organisation inspired by the life of local action man Paul Rennick.
The Trustees comprise a selection friends and family of Paul wishing to provide opportunities for people to enjoy the lifestyle and connections Paul attracted during his lifetime.
Rennafix Group was first established so as to effectively co-ordinate a weekend of Adventure Activities for Paul's anniversary in August 2012.  The weekends activities reflected the lifestyle Paul led, fun, healthy and full of mischief.  The running of the events was fully supported across the county reflecting the strength of friendships he maintained during his life.
In April 2013, to celebrate Paul’s birthday, a mini-adventure festival was proposed. The idea was floated amongst friends and family and instantly received huge interest. An overnight camping event was organised and promoted through a local service provider.  It was an amazing event and again created such wonderful positive energy through a haze of immense grief. 
On both occasions, due to the enormous generosity and donations of all participants, there were, after all Service providers had been paid, funds remaining from the weekend.

And so this simple idea was born,  to support those who are struggling by making these activities more accessible..

For this reason, and due to the ever increasing awareness of the positive affects of exercise, the outdoors and community based activities on Mental Health, Rennafix now subsidises life-enhancing activities to people in therapy for mental health related reasons.

Continued fund-raising is achieved through the creation of events for the general public that showcase the myriad of life-enhancing activities available in our locality. 

The ethos of the organisation is that those who are 'up and at it' for doing things have a platform from which they can support those who do not have that drive.  Understanding that any community or group of friends is only as strong as its weakest member.

What is our Mission Statement?

To assist with the promotion of positive mental health in Sligo through Outdoor Activities, Connecting People and ‘Having a Laugh’

What are our Aims and Objectives?

To subsidise adventure, wellbeing and life-enhancing activities to people in therapy for mental health related reasons.

Who do we do it for? and Why Adventure in Sligo?