Havin' a Laugh

Havin' a Laugh Mental Health Promotion


Rennafix is fully funded by the community it serves.  The public support us by participating in Rennafix events and hosting additional fundraising activities on our behalf. Individuals may donate directly through the link below. 

Getting Support

We know not every day is a good one and for some unfortunately most days are tough. When professional help is needed, take it!  Some useful contacts that might help you get back on track.

Rennafix Group, Making Connections, Creating Support... Havin' a Laugh!

Who and Why

Rennafix is named after a much loved Sligo man and adventure enthusiast Paul Rennick.  Friends and family of Paul strive to make the activities Paul loved so much more accessible to all those who would benefit from them. 

Getting Active

Rennafix Group encourages you to nurture your mental health. 'Let off Steam', Dip your Toe' or 'Let Yourself Go' in the hands of the expert tour guides and holistic professionals operating in Sligo and the Northwest of Ireland.

Past Events

The Havin' a Laugh Adventure Weekend is the flagship event of the Rennafix calender. Each year additional and varied events are added to the calender.  To explore past and future events click below...

Rennafix Group pay for people in mental health counselling to do life enhancing activities. If you are not in counselling and you need someone to talk to right now, please call or visit our registered Support Services page for more info. Don't ever hesitate to ask for help.


Rennafix Group mental health team create adventure and wellbeing events that showcase just some of  the many life-enhancing activities available to us in Sligo and the northwest of Ireland.